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A Happy Book About Existence

You are HERE! What a beloved creation you are walking across this fantastical floating planet!


The resilience, vibrancy, and wisdom you and I experience here on Earth is magnificent! Oh, and the gorgeous colors of flowers, variety of animals, and hilarious moments – what in the world is this wild existence? Are you ready to laugh, enjoy, and remember what a dynamic journey it is to be a human being?


In HERE: A Happy Book About Existence Dr. Sharenda Roam combines short creative writings with a touch of philosophical wisdom to encourage our hearts and remind us of the happiness and love that permeate our existence here. She reminds us, every breath is a gift.


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Like a hug from a book!

A blast of love and energy!


Book Reviews

Spectacular! Super shiny and

so sophisticated. The author is an

iridescent sunbeam inspiring so many souls to shift their thoughts

and soar!


What a fun, cozy read!

I love this book and

have gifted it to my friends!


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About Dr. Sharenda Roam

Sharenda Roam, D.Min., is a tenured professor of Religious Studies with over fifteen years of experience in teaching and curriculum design. Her research focus explores transformational concepts found in sacred texts and art. She enjoys life with her husband and family, singing soulful music, tea, and mossy forests. Her spiritual journey finds inspiration in ancient Christianity and her own Shawnee ancestry, as a tribal member of the Cherokee nation. She has taught thousands of students and finds joy in the awakening that wisdom inspires.

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