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Dr. Sharenda Roam is a tenured professor of Religious Studies with over fifteen years of experience in teaching and curriculum design. She has a D.Min from George Fox University and an M.A. from Arizona State University.

Her interest in religious studies began early in life as the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher father and a mixed Shawnee blood mother. Her insatiable desire to understand the Creator has led her to study the sacred texts and art of the world's religions. She finds the mystical aspects of Orthodox Christianity intellectually satisfying and a beautiful experiential journey beyond words.

Dr. Roam enjoys life with her husband and family, the aroma of frankincense, singing soulful music, tea, and mossy forests. She collects rings from around the world to decorate her hands, and Orthodox Christian prayer ropes. She is grateful for every cloud that floats across the sky, every bird song, and the miraculous colors of her favorite flower, the orchid.


You are HERE! What a beloved creation you are! 


The resilience, vibrancy, and wisdom we experience here on Earth is magnificent! 


In HERE: A Happy Book About Existence Dr. Sharenda Roam combines short creative writings with a touch of philosophical wisdom to encourage our hearts and remind us of the joy and love that permeate every day. She reminds us that every breath is a gift.

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